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Can I Use Latisse For My Eyebrows?

Latisse is a therapy recommended for both aesthetic and medical purposes. It helps grow sparse and thin lashes, transforming them completely. But there’s the buzz on the internet that the product can work on eyebrows too. Sparse brows are common with age, but they can also be linked to underlying health conditions, such as hypothyroidism. Latisse isn’t an established therapy for eyebrow hair loss, and it hasn’t been approved for this purpose. Still, some people insist that it works wonders. In this article, we examine the many reasons why you can use this product for your brows.

Is Latisse Effective For Eyebrows?

Yes! Latisse can be used to can help fill in sparse brows. People may notice eyebrow hair loss on one or both sides. Other symptoms can include itchiness, dry skin, and hair loss or hair thinning on other parts of the body. You can buy Latisse online cheap in pharmacy if your eyebrows are sparse.

Causes for eyebrow thinning:

  • Aging and hormonal problems.
  • Sparse brows could also be caused by a nutritional deficiency (fatty acid, biotin, zinc).
  • Thin brows in women are also observed after plucking too much in the early stages of life.

People draw in thicker brows every day or take hair growth pills to achieve this thicker look. Recently, many have been experimenting with Latisse on their eyebrows. This product was introduced in the pharmaceutical market to treat elevated intraocular pressure. The remedy grows brow hair at a faster rate increasing length and thickness due to the active ingredient Bimatoprost.

A good eyebrow product should do two things: revitalize your follicle and condition your hair. This will minimize breakage, repair each strand and protect your brows from environmental damage.

Medical practitioners are unsure just how this remedy works for growing longer eyelashes, but results are evident. Lashes have benefited from the use of Latisse. The same holds for those that want to grow brows. Some dermatologists believe that this medicine simply increases the growth phase and lifespan of brows.

Using Latisse For Eyebrow Growth

Eyebrows grow slower than scalp hair and have a much shorter anagen phase. They grow between 0.14 mm to 0.16 mm per day. Your age, genetics, and hormones are factors that affect the rate of eyebrow regrowth.

eyebrows after using latisseHow To Apply Latisse?

This product is the best applied on a clean surface and before bedtime. Remove any makeup before application. This medicine comes with applicators. Put 1 drop on the applicator, apply on the eyebrows, as if combing the eyebrow. When using one brow brush for both sides, alternate to make sure that one side does not receive more product than the other.

The product works gradually with full results at 16 weeks. Once you begin this regimen, you must continue to apply each night for best results. If you miss one application, do not double the next application.

Notes: A tiny drop should do. Be very careful to apply the product only where you want hair growth or regrowth as this can lead to unintended hair growth.

Eyebrows grow in a three to four-month cycle, so you should avoid plucking any hairs until at least 12 weeks have passed.

Latisse Eyebrows Before and After

In today’s society, full brows are statements of beauty. Eyebrows help us express emotions and recognize each other. They are an important part of human expression and communication. They allow us to show our emotions. One raised eyebrow expresses skepticism or interest. Two raised brows can express surprise.

eyebrows growth comparison

One case study describes a woman who achieved “excellent and sustained growth of her eyebrows” after applying bimatoprost 0.03% solution every day. According to most reviews of product for eyebrow growth, you will find online, most users see positive brow hair growth after at least four weeks.

Pros and Cons of Latisse

It is believed that eyebrows have two main objectives: to prevent moisture from entering the eyes and communication. Physically, they move wetness from sweat and rain away from our eyes so we can maintain our sight.

Those who used this product give a wonderful satisfactory rating. With positive ratings, it is very tempting to try this product. Still, it is very important to note that ‘suitable for most people’ is not a phrase that will be convenient for everyone. Therefore, it is advisable to consult a dermatologist.


  • Stimulates eyebrow lengthening.
  • Induces thickness and fullness of brow hair.
  • Darkening of brows giving them a bushy look.


It is not suitable for everyone especially those with severe allergies and those who experience infections such as conjunctivitis, uveitis. Another wanting disadvantage about this product is that, you only see the results while using this remedy, as soon as you stop an application, your brows will grow back to their original state.

Other Ways To Get Thicker Eyebrows

  • Avoid plucking, tweezing or waxing the brows too frequently.
  • Exfoliate the skin around your brows once in a while to remove dead skin cells and increase blood circulation.
  • Avoid applying too much makeup on the brows.
  • Apply petroleum jelly along your mien 2 or 3 times daily to condition and moisturize them. It will also help promote thick brows.
  • Avoid scratching or rubbing your brows too hard.
  • Drink enough water to keep your body hydrated and enjoy silky hair and plump brows.

Therefore, you should be patient when trying the following home remedies and taking care of your mien regularly.


An underlying medical condition can cause your eyebrows to fall out or prevent them from growing in properly. Speak to a doctor if your eyebrow hairs fall out and stop growing for no obvious reason.

Most of the time, eyebrows do grow back, but how fast they grow will depend on your age and overall health. A little patience, avoiding plucking and waxing, and changing your diet may be all you need.

If you want Latisse to be effective, the product must be used daily. The remedy starts to work in a couple month or more.

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